B.C. Hydro president and CEO Jessica McDonald fired

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      In one of the least surprising moves since NDP premier John Horgan was sworn in, B.C. Hydro's CEO has been canned.

      The Crown utility's board gave the pink slip Jessica McDonald, who used to be the deputy minister to former premier Gordon Campbell.

      It came after former Powerex CEO Ken Peterson was appointed to replace Brad Bennett as chair of B.C. Hydro.

      McDonald was named president and CEO of B.C. Hydro in 2014 and eagerly pushed ahead with the controversial $8.8-billion Site C dam in northeastern B.C.

      The NDP has promised to subject the project to a review by the B.C. Utilities Commission—something former premier Christy Clark refused to do.

      At B.C. Hydro, McDonald ensured that the Crown corporation responded to criticism of the Site C dam, whether it came from the Royal Society of Canada or Amnesty International.

      According to B.C. Hydro's annual statement under the Financial Information Act, McDonald was paid $390,618 for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016.

      She reportedly received a half-million-dollar severance package.

      Her replacement is senior B.C. Hydro executive Chris O'Riley.