Two suspects remain in custody after transit police were injured during arrests

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      The chief of Metro Vancouver Metro Transit Police, Doug LePard, says he's gratified "to see the courts recognize the danger to the public and the police posed by offenders who use violence against the police to avoid arrest".

      LePard made the statement in a news release after two men were remanded in custody following altercations with transit police officers.

      According to the police, one officer "suffered cuts and bruising to his nose, face, under his right eye and to one ear, as well as a disfiguring hand injury" while arresting Christopher Anton Skender, 34, of no fixed address. 

      This occurred at New Westminster Station on July 25.

      Skender has been charged with obstructing a police officer and assault causing bodily harm. He was initially arrested because a warrant had been issued for him in connection with various other charges, including assault with a weapon.

      In the second incident on August 5 at Moody Centre Station, a suspect allegedly lifted a transit cop, dropped him to the ground, and then fell on him, injuring the officer's right knee. Then, the suspect allegedly kicked the officer in the shoulder before he was subdued with pepper spray.

      Dillon Howard Dinwoodie, a 25-year-old resident of Port Moody, has been charged with assault of a police officer, obstructing a police officer, and breach of probation.

      "Our commitment is to keep our transit system safe for our passengers and staff," LePard said, "and I have thanked each of the officers involved for putting themselves in harm's way to accomplish this."