Park commissioner Erin Shum raises prospect of new civic party eight months after leaving NPA

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      Independent park commissioner Erin Shum isn’t sure whether she’ll remain unaffiliated going into the 2018 Vancouver municipal election.

      Shum related that she has time to consider the proper vehicle for her young political career, including a new civic party.

      “I still have about 15 months to really get to know the community, so I think getting to know the community will show some of the leaders or people that are interested in running. Perhaps we could always, you know, group up and start a new political party,” Shum told the Straight in a phone interview Tuesday (August 22).

      Shum broke from the Non-Partisan Association in stunning fashion last year, accusing her former caucus colleagues of bullying her.

      According to the first-term park commissioner, there is a desire among many, including those in established parties, to see a new political formation in the city.

      “There’s definitely conversations like, you know, when I go and have coffee with people from all parties, they all talk about something like, ‘Maybe we need something new.’ … So it’s always a dialogue, a conversation we’re all having,” Shum said.

      For now, Shum intends to “build relationships with everybody”.

      “It could be a young new association or group or it could be a brand new party. I don’t know, but definitely, I think, people who come out and put their name forward and just have a simple coffee chat, just to get to know each other, set a little group, and you never know what could happen,” Shum said.