Homicide investigators narrow timeline in murder of Marrisa Shen in Burnaby's Central Park

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      Today, the Integrated Homicide Investigation team released more information regarding its probe into the killing of a Burnaby girl.

      Marissa Shen, 13, was last seen on the south side of Central Boulevard and walking westward at 7:38 p.m. on July 18.

      Previously, police had said she was last seen leaving her home at 6 p.m. Her body was discovered after midnight in Central Park.

      Police revealed today that they are dealing with more than 200 tips from the public.

      Video footage has been collected from 60 locations and investigators have identified 90 persons of interest.

      Investigators are hoping to obtain video taken at a vigil in Central Park on July 22 and at Shen's funeral at Mountain View Cemetary in Burnaby on July 28.

      “Police now believe that Miss Shen’s homicide occurred in Burnaby Central Park where she was found," Cpl. Meghan Foster said in the news release. "It should be noted that this does not change our belief that Miss Shen’s homicide was random.”