Motorist ticketed twice within six blocks on Granville, fined $736, for using electronic device while driving

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      Earlier this month, the RCMP issued a warning that motorists could be fined for eating while behind the wheel.

      This week, the Vancouver police revealed that they had issued tickets with $736 in fines to one person for using a cellphone while driving.

      It occurred within a six-block section of Granville on July 20.

      The motorist was ticketed and fined $376 for distracted driving in the 2500 block of Granville Street.

      Eight minutes later, the same driver was fined another $376 for the same offence in the 3100 block of Granville Street.

      Distracted driving is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act and it can get expensive.

      According to a column by lawyer Sarah Leamon, someone nabbed for distracted driving repeatedly could be fined nearly $15,000 by their 10th offence.

      Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has told the media that some motorists still aren't getting the message, so he's considering raising fines even higher.

      In one month alone in 2015 during a campaign against distracted driving, Vancouver police handed out tickets with fines adding up to more than $250,000.