Julie Payette replaces David Johnston as Canada's governor general

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      This morning, former astronaut Julie Payette has been sworn in as Canada's governor general in the chamber of the Canadian Senate.

      She replaces former law school dean David Johnston, who held the post since 2010.

      Payette is the Queen's representative in Canada and the swearing-in ceremony opened with "God Save the Queen", sung by countertenor Daniel Taylor.

      The oath was read by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin as the chamber was filled with dignitaries, including Indigenous leaders, former prime minister Jean Chrétien, and former governor general Adrienne Clarkson

      Payette is fluently bilingual in French and English. She can also communicate in Spanish, Russian, Italian, and German. In addition to being an engineer and businesswoman, she plays the piano and has sung with orchestras in Canada and abroad.

      As an astronaut, she has orbited the Earth more than 400 times.

      Payette, 53, is the fourth woman to become governor general. The other three were Jeanne Sauvé, Clarkson, and Michaëlle Jean.

      As governor general, Payette will preside over the swearing-in of the prime minister, cabinet ministers, and the chief justice. She also summons and prorogues Parliament, and gives royal assent to bills that have passed through the House of Commons and the Senate.

      The governor general is also the commander-in-chief of Canada and dispenses many awards to Canadians.

      As governor general, Payette will be paid an annual salary of $290,600 and will live at the official residence of Rideau Hall in Ottawa.