Judy Zaichkowsky: I have the experience needed to ensure good governance at the Vancouver school board

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      By Judy Zaichkowsky

      As a lifelong educator, I have taught thousands of students over my career and take great satisfaction from their success. Many of my former students now have children in the Vancouver school system. In fact, it was one of my former students who recruited me to run for a position as school trustee, while we were both at the Green party convention in August. She felt my positive approach, deep interest in the outcomes of students, ability to work well with others, and get things done were much needed in the VSB. I do believe strongly in the commitment to public education to make lives better for every resident.

      I was born and raised in Vancouver, attending Sir Guy Carleton elementary school and Killarney high school, and then UBC for a bachelor’s degree in home economics. My teaching career started at the VSB, with Grade 11 boys foods at Point Grey and special ed. at Templeton secondary. I understand the diversity of students in the classroom and the hard work and dedication teachers put into their classes. I understand the importance of teacher well-being, as happy and enthusiastic teachers make for peak learning environments for students.

      I know all students have different talents and interests, and should be exposed to many learning situations to know where they excel. I value the arts as much as I value science, as both are needed for a healthy balanced life. Competitive sports help students learn to collaborate and work with others, evaluate and make decisions, and develop bonds and trust. Each of these skills is essential to our economy and society. I’m running to ensure our Vancouver public education system helps students develop their talents and self-confidence to thrive and meet their own dreams.

      Having served on the SFU board of governors for five years and more recently as associate dean of the business school, I have the senior experience needed to ensure good governance at the Vancouver school board. I will work diligently and do my best to ensure the best interests of the students. I look forward to being part of the Green team, along with Janet Fraser and Estrellita Gonzalez. Together we promise to bring collaborative governance and good decision making to the Vancouver school board.

      Judy Zaichkowsky is a university professor of marketing in the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and candidate for Vancouver school board with the Green Party of Vancouver. Follow her on Twitter @Zaichkow.