Heroic Vancouver police dog Teak dies

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      Members of the Vancouver police dog squad are in mourning following the death of a beloved German shepherd.

      Called a "true Guardian of the Night" by the VPD, 12-year-old Teak is in the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.

      He earned this honour after chasing down a robbery suspect on Fraser Street in 2013 and holding onto his leg even after the suspect repeatedly stabbed him and ripped his throat with a knife.

      In the video below, then constable and now Sgt. Derrick Gibson of the Vancouver police dog squad reveals that it took 14 weeks to train Teak, who was born in Everett, Washington. And Gibson describes Teak as "the perfect police dog" and the "best partner I ever had".

      "When he was being slashed I can't imagine what that would have felt like for painwise," Gibson he says. "He never released his bite until i told him to. He performed exactly as we trained him to do and exactly as I asked him to do."