Would you feel better about Airbnb rentals in your building if you got a cut of the profits?

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      If you own a condo that you actually live in, you might not appreciate the influx of strangers that Airbnb can bring into the building you call home.

      But the short-term rental service and others like it are here to stay. The City of Vancouver has drafted bylaws that will make some listings legal while banning others (today in Vancouver, every Airbnb rental remains illegal), and is preparing to regulate the industry in general.

      Where does that leave condo owners who don’t want Airbnb guests in their buildings?

      One group of Toronto homeowners reached out to the San Francisco-headquartered corporation and made an agreement that’s giving them a little more control over how Airbnb works in their building.

      CBC News recently reported that Airbnb calls it its “Friendly Buildings” program.

      It allows condo owners to rent units on Airbnb, but only under a number of additional rules and requirements.

      For example, Airbnb sets up a website for building security where they can view a real-time record of which units are hosting Airbnb guests and who those guests are. In addition, if a condo owner attracts too many complaints regarding its Airbnb guests, they can be banned from using the digital service.

      The condo building also gets a five-percent cut of Airbnb revenue garnered from its units, and hosts are required to pay a monthly fee of $50 for building maintenance.

      Would that be enough to make you feel comfortable with your building hosting Airbnb guests?