Vancouver park board to vote on new steel pier and accessible dock for Jericho Beach

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      Vancouver park commissioners are set to vote on the proposed reconstruction of the Jericho Beach pier.

      The wooden pier is a popular destination for recreational fishers and crabbers, as well as strollers out for a leisurely walk and to take in views of English Bay.

      Built in 1977, the current pier is aging, and according to a park staff report, it requires a lot of maintenance, which costs a lot of money.

      On Monday (November 6), the park board will decide on a proposed concept to renew the well-liked spot.

      The renewal of the pier, which the park board is undertaking in collaboration with the Disabled Sailing Association, has three components.

      One is a new steel and concrete pier to replace the wooden structure. It will be 2.5 metres higher in anticipation of sea level rise and storms. There will also be a new entry plaza.

      The second component is an accessible floating dock. This will provide people with disabilities access to the ocean and sailing opportunities.

      Third will be enhancements to the foreshore area. These will include improvement of habitat and pathways.

      The renewal of the Jericho Beach pier is proposed to include an accessible floating dock for sailors with disabilities.
      Concept plan for the $16-million renewal of the Jericho Beach pier.

      The renewal project is expected to cost $16 million. It will be financed by city money as well as funds from donors.

      Staff will move forward with detailed design work if the concept is approved by Vancouver park commissioners.

      In a report to commissioners, staff wrote: “The aspirational goal is to begin construction by 2020, starting with demolition of the existing pier and completing the work by 2022.”