Predictably, Vancouver Whitecaps fall to Seattle Sounders in playoffs

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      One of the most successful seasons the Vancouver Whitecaps have ever put together is now over, unceremoniously put to rest by the Seattle Sounders in a 2-0 Game 2 win for the team from the Emerald City.

      We don’t want to say we told you so, but actually we totally do and did.

      The result was bound to happen if one looked closely enough at the numbers. This was a team that at the best of times (meaning when stars like Yordy Reyna and Christian Techera were at full health) often got outshot in games and hardly carried the play against competitive squads.

      At the worst of times, well, Thursday’s match against the Sounders was a good indication of exactly what’s standing in the Caps’ way of chasing an MLS title.

      The Sounders dominated the Whitecaps, outshooting Vancouver 20-7 overall and 5-1 in terms of shots on goal. In the end, a Caps team that was propped up by its goaltending and coaching was unable to muster much of anything against Seattle.

      Sounders star Clint Dempsey alone outperformed Vancouver in both shooting metrics with 10 total shots, three of which reached goaltender Stefan Marinovic. Dempsey accounted for both goals.

      And while we appreciated Whitecaps coach Carl Robinson making the bold prediction that his team was going to take the game 1-0, that’s kind of exactly what’s wrong with soccer, isn’t it?

      Sure, low-scoring games can be entertaining, tight and tense, but come on. How can any Whitecaps fan come out of a series in which the team sat back and scored no goals and say “you know what, that was really fun”?

      They can’t, and unless Robinson is able to inject more talent into this squad (a task that will take a larger budget and one that the coach himself agreed was a must), the Whitecaps’ current standing as the darling of Vancouver sports won’t hold.