Video questions whether Canada is headed for a housing crash in 2018

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      The Formafist Network is a YouTube channel with plenty of long-winded monologues about the Canadian real estate market. And its Twitter feed has a mere nine followers, including me, as of this writing.

      But that's not to say it doesn't occasionally produce some commentaries that make you stop and think.

      One of the more recent videos, filmed in September, predicts housing crash in 2018.

      The fellow in the video—and no, I don't know his name—will never be mistaken for a slick, professional broadcaster.

      And he readily admits that he doesn't have all the answers, but he still offers raises some provocative points.

      First of all, he says the "general feeling" is that interest rates are going up. That's certainly true. He also mentions that consumer debtloads, a foreign-buyer tax, Chinese currency controls, and a rising Canadian dollar are putting "weight" on the real estate market. This again, is true.

      But his conclusion—that it's going to lead to a real-estate crash in 2018—might have some people scratching their heads. That's because many in the industry believe there's not enough housing supply in the Lower Mainland to bring about a correction.

      You can check out the video and draw your own conclusions (if you haven't done so already).

      He followed that one up with another video exploring who controls housing prices.

      If you liked those ones, then you might also enjoy his take on whether homebuyers from China are having a negative impact on Canada and other countries. His conclusions might surprise you.