Vancouver households may pay more for garbage, water, and sewer in 2018, plus higher property taxes

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      Vancouver property taxes are not the only fees that are likely going up in 2018.

      Households may get dinged more for garbage, water, and sewer rates next year.

      For these utilities, the City of Vancouver is planning to jack up rates by an average of $100.

      On December 6, council will hold a special meeting on the proposed city budget next year.

      To help finance the budget, the city is proposing to increase property taxes by 3.9 percent.

      According to the city’s calculation, the property tax hike means an extra $87 per year for a median single family home. For a median strata unit, it’s an additional $29.

      Also included in the December 6 council meeting are staff reports recommending rate increases for garbage, water, and sewer.

      For garbage, a typical single family household will pay an extra $23.

      For water, it’s an additional $37.

      For sewer, it’s going to cost $40 more.

      Council on December 12 will vote on the proposed $1.4 billion operating budget and $426 million capital budget for 2018.