Aaron Gunn never had any chance of winning the B.C. Liberal leadership

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      On October 11, a friend emailed me to ask about Aaron Gunn.

      He's a conservative attention seeker from Victoria who was hoping to run for the B.C. Liberal leadership.

      In my reply to this friend, I stated that I haven't followed Gunn very closely but I passed along these three guesses:

      1. Gunn is running to boost his profile, even though he has no chance of winning.

      2. He will harvest lots of email addresses from the campaign, which can be leveraged in different ways.

      3. This will make it easier for him to seek public office in the future, possibly as a federal Conservative.

      I added one other prediction: the B.C. Liberals will want to distance themselves from Gunn because the party's best chance is by prying centrist voters away from the NDP.

      "The Liberals almost always win in B.C. on ideology if they aren't perceived as being too far to the right," I noted.

      Today, the B.C. Liberals vetoed Gunn's candidacy, based on his statements on social media.

      "Gunn’s candidacy would be inconsistent with the B.C. Liberal party’s commitment to reconciliation, diversity and acceptance of all British Columbians,” the party said.

      I hate to say I told you so, but...

      Naturally, the B.C. Liberals' decision is generating outrage from Gunn and his friends on the right. Check out the wailing below.

      Gunn's campaign slogan "Bring Back Common Sense", was reminiscent of right-wing former Ontario premier Mike Harris's call for a "Common Sense Revolution". 

      A website promoting Gunn's aspirations had all the usual right-wing talking points, such as "scrap the carbon tax", "end the ICBC monopoly", and "crack down on crime & anarchy".

      "Handing out heroin and other hard drugs to addicts does not solve the problem and instead perpetuates a coercive and destructive addiction," Gunn's website states.

      "Taxpayer money should not be used to purchase hotels in residential areas and warehouse those addicted to drugs. These programs don’t work, crater property values and increase crime in the community."

      Plus, Gunn wanted to change the name of the B.C. Liberals.

      That's not going to happen as a result of the party's decision.

      But hey, there might soon be an opening for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada if the members decide to oust Erin O'Toole.

      And "common sense", even if that means ignoring the climate breakdown, still has a lot of currency on the right.