Another coyote attack in Stanley Park—man bitten in the leg near the pitch and putt

This came in the same week that a female jogger and a five-year-old boy were bitten on different evenings

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      Unpleasant encounters between coyotes and humans in Stanley Park haven't ended with last month's killing of four of the animals.

      Today, the B.C. Conservation Officer Service reported that around 9 p.m. on August 13, a man was bitten in the leg while walking near the Stanley Park pitch and putt area.

      He suffered minor injuries, according to the BCCOS Facebook page. The BCCOS continues to urge the public to stay out of Stanley Park.

      "If you are in the park use abundant caution, as there is a high risk of encountering an aggressive coyote—particularly during dawn or dusk hours, when coyotes tend to be more active," it stated.

      Traps have been placed in Stanley Park to catch coyotes. On its Facebook page, the BCCOS promised that it will release any coyotes "that do not match the profile of the offending animal".

      Earlier this week, there were two other coyote attacks in Stanley Park—one being a jogger along Bridal Path trail and the other being a five-year-old boy near Prospect Point.

      Both occurred in the evening.

      In an August 5 commentary posted on, animal lawyer Rebeka Breder and the Fur-Bearers executive director Lesley Fox called for a full investigation to determine why some coyotes have lost their fear of human beings.

      "The current situation is a multifaceted problem that requires a multifaceted—and no-kill—solution," they stated.

      Some current and former media workers, on the other hand, have called for the killing of coyotes in Stanley Park. These demands intensified last month after a toddler was bitten near the aquarium in the early evening. The two-year-old girl was reportedly making a full recovery.