Ashton College’s online postsecondary programming is innovative and accessible

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      With the recent pandemic-related postsecondary campus closures, now is the time to gain a career-ready education from the comfort of your own home. By receiving a college education, you’ll gain a better understanding of the world around you and open yourself up to new opportunities.

      Vancouver-based Ashton College offers Canadian residents and newcomers a variety of online courses to facilitate their professional development. Students can choose programs in subject areas like human resources, education, immigration, bookkeeping, Red Seal trades, home inspection, and more.

      If you’re eager to obtain a career within the education field, you can enroll in Ashton College’s . EA graduates can gain employment within private or public schools. This diploma consists of 720 hours of online learning, which can be completed from your kitchen table, local library, or wherever else you feel comfortable.

      The is suitable for individuals with interest in improving company culture, resolving workplace conflicts, and facilitating employee engagement. HR professionals are vital to a company’s success.

      Ashton College’s online is recognized as one of the top immigration practitioners’ programs in Canada today. Graduates can gain employment within law firms, immigration consultation firms, border services, and postsecondary institutions. Over the years, many students have graduated from the 500-hour immigration consultation diploma program at Ashton College.

      The is suitable for students who want to gain an understanding of the practices and techniques required in the field. Ashton College’s certificate in accounting program requires 240 hours of online coursework and is accredited by the .

      Ashton College also offers online for individuals with existing theoretical and practical knowledge on a specific trade. The college has exam prep courses for industrial electricians, plumbers, automotive service technicians, carpenters, cooks, heavy equipment operators, and more.

      E-learning can be beneficial for students who want to work through course material at their home or for those who face barriers that hinder them from commuting to a campus. Ashton College supports immigrants by offering these online courses that will lead to fulfilling employment, which they can complete online with the full support of an instructor.

      Even though the programs are completed through various online platforms, students will still communicate frequently with their peers and instructors. The passionate teaching faculty at Ashton College want to see their students succeed and achieve their career dreams.

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