B.C. conservation officers kill four coyotes in Stanley Park

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      There are four fewer coyotes in Stanley Park this morning.

      That's because B.C. conservation officers "euthanized" them overnight and this morning.

      It came in the wake of a coyote biting a two-year-old child on July 12 near the Vancouver Aquarium.

      The father chased the animal away and the child is expected to make a full recovery.

      "One of the coyotes was captured in very close proximity to the site of the recent attack," the B.C. Conservation Officer Service tweeted.

      Some coyotes in Stanley Park have lost their fear of humans, presumably because they've been fed.

      This has led to about 30 encounters this year between the animals and people.

      "It's not a coyote problem," Vancouver animal lawyer Rebeka Breder told CKNW Radio talk-show host Charles Adler last night. "It's a human problem. Why the heck are people continuing to feed wildlife and attract coyotes and other animals as well."