B.C. Liberals expel John Rustad from caucus

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      B.C. Liberals MLAs are probably going to be far less likely to retweet messages from climate-change skeptic and CO2 Coalition director Patrick Moore.

      That's because one of their own, John Rustad, has been ejected from caucus after doing this in connection with Moore's claim that there has been no net warming in Australia in 10 years and that the Great Barrier Reef has more coral cover this year than ever recorded.

      Rustad, the MLA for Nechako Lakes, will sit as an independent.

      In his tweet, Moore also claimed that the "case for CO2 being the control knob of global temperature gets weaker every day. #Celebrate CO2!!"

      Moore's sunny view on the impact of carbon dioxide differs sharply from thousands of scientists around the world who have reached a broad consensus that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are causing a warming planet. And this, many argue, is causing species to go extinct and elevating the risk of cascading feedback loops leading to famine, mass migration, killer heat waves, and biblical-style flooding.

      On August 17, Falcon made it clear that Rustad, previously the party's forests critic, does not speak for the B.C. Liberals on climate change.

      The decision to oust Rustad from caucus came in the midst of the Surrey South by-election campaign in which B.C. Liberal candidate Elenore Sturko is hoping to succeed Stephanie Cadieux, who resigned earlier this year.