B.C. NDP extends footprint over Vancouver, racking up huge gains since Gordon Campbell led B.C. Liberals

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      Last night, much of the media coverage focused on the NDP's stunning victories in areas where it had never elected candidates before, such as Richmond and Langley. This was understandable.

      But what went below the radar screen was the NDP's overwhelming success in Vancouver.

      Back in 2009 when former mayor Gordon Campbell led the B.C. Liberals into his final election, the NDP won five of the 11 seats in the city.

      They were mostly on the East Side: Vancouver-Hastings, Vancouver-Kensington, Vancouver-Kingsway, Vancouver–Mount Pleasant, and Vancouver–West End.

      In the October 24 election, the NDP captured nine of the city's 11 seats.

      Here are the percentages as they stand now without mail-in votes counted—along with the magnitude of the gains since the 2009 election in the same constituency:

      Adrian Dix (Vancouver-Kingsway): 66.97 percent (+11.8 percent)

      Melanie Mark (Vancouver–Mount Pleasant): 64.19 percent (+0.24 percent)

      Mable Elmore (Vancouver-Kensington): 59.61 percent (+7.06 percent)

      Spencer Chandra Herbert (Vancouver–West End): 59.35 percent (+2.39 percent)

      Niki Sharma (Vancouver-Hastings): 57.7 percent (+2.21 percent)

      George Chow (Vancouver-Fraserview): 55.71 percent (+10.18 percent)

      George Heyman (Vancouver-Fairview): 52.62 percent (+11.35 percent)

      David Eby (Vancouver–Point Grey): 47.79 percent (+7.51 percent)

      Brenda Bailey (Vancouver–False Creek): 44.38 percent (+16.85 percent)

      Tessica Truong (Vancouver-Langara): 41.62 percent (+6.42 percent)

      Heather McQuillan (Vancouver–Quilchena): 26.69 percent (+5.95 percent)

      Truong and McQuillan are the only two who were defeated, losing to incumbent B.C. Liberals Michael Lee and Andrew Wilkinson, respectively.

      By electing Bailey and Sharma, the NDP helped address a significant gender imbalance that has dogged its Vancouver caucus since 2005. Now, four of the NDP's nine MLAs are women.

      In contrast, the B.C. Liberals didn't field a single woman in any of Vancouver's 11 constituencies in this election.

      Here's another astonishing thing to consider.

      These gains have been achieved even as the B.C. Greens captured more than 15 percent in six constituencies before mail-in votes have been counted: Vancouver–Mount Pleasant (21.67 percent), Vancouver-Hastings (20.74 percent), Vancouver–Point Grey (18.09 percent), Vancouver-Fairview (17.75 percent), Vancouver–West End (17.38 percent), and Vancouver-Quilchena (16.13 percent).

      It reflects how far the B.C. Liberals have plummeted in Vancouver since Campbell was leading the party.