B.C. realtor collects rental income, does not give money to property owner, gets suspended and fined $25,000

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      The Real Estate Council of B.C. has disciplined a realtor for misconduct in connection with a rental property.

      The RECBC suspended the licence of Peter Christopher Dolecki for two months until February 22, 2021

      It also ordered the trading representative with RE/MAX Westcoast in Richmond to pay a fine of $25,000.

      Dolecki admitted that as an existing tenant at a Surrey property, he leased the home to new tenants without obtaining the consent of the owner.

      He also prepared a residential tenancy agreement identifying him as landlord, and failed to ensure that the tenants knew that he was only subleasing the property.

      Moreover, Dolecki received rental payments from the tenants, but did not deliver the money to the owner.

      As a result, the occupants got evicted.

      A notice of eviction taped to the front door stated that Dolecki was in arrears of rent payments for a total of $29,250.

      The tenants moved out of the home on February 10, 2017.

      Dolecki and his wife rented the property on January 17, 2016 for $4,500 a month.

      The rental agreement provided that they may sublease the home with the consent of the owner.

      In the fall of 2016, Dolecki and his family moved to another house.

      The realtor advertised for rental the Surrey home he vacated.

      Dolecki told the council that he tried and failed to reach the owner who is living outside Canada.

      He also said that he was unsuccessful in reaching the local representative of the property owner.

      A young family relocating from the U.S. rented the property starting in December 2016.

      The rental agreement prepared by Dolecki provided for monthly rental of $5,000.

      The owner of the home did not pursue Dolecki for the arrears totalling $29,250.

      However, one of the former tenants filed a complaint.

      The RECBC posted online details of the case and its disciplinary decision on Wednesday (January 6).