Beaver moon eclipsed by Earth's shadow tonight

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      November's full moon will undergo a partial eclipse after midnight Sunday (November 29) when it slides across the outer (penumbral) edge of Earth's shadow during the early hours of November 30.

      This moon—sometimes called the beaver moon because it comes at a time when beavers are stepping up activities to prepare for the cold winter months ahead—will rise in the east and climb the night sky until the start of the eclipse.

      Because the full moon will not cross into the darkest part of our planet's shadow (the umbra), the eclipse—which will affect about 83 percent of the satellite's surface—will be seen as a darkening of the affected area.

      The partial eclipse will start at 1:42 a.m., when the moon should be high overhead and to the southwest. The moon will take more than four hours to traverse the Earth's penumbra.

      When the moon sets, at 6:56 a.m. Vancouver time, it should be coloured orange.