Brian Jackson hired as Vancouver's general manager of planning and development

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      Richmond planner Brian J. Jackson has been hired as Vancouver's new general manager of planning and development, the city announced today (July 24).

      Jackson will take on the role beginning August 27, replacing former Vancouver planning director Brent Toderian, who was fired earlier this year.

      During the last four years, Jackson has been the director of development and more recently the acting general manager of planning and development for the City of Richmond.

      "After an international search that attracted 108 applications, Brian Jackson, with his regional, national and international experience in key priority areas for the city was the unanimous choice of the search committee,” city manager Penny Ballem said in a news release issued today (July 24).

      According to the city, Jackson’s previous experience includes managing waterfront planning for the City of Toronto in the 1990s, and a transit-oriented development plan incorporating 11 communities from Pasadena to Montclair, California.

      Mayor Gregor Robertson said Jackson will bring 32 years of planning experience, and specific skills in areas including affordability, transit-oriented development, and community consultation.

      “He is keenly aware of the challenges we face and we look forward to him working with our local neighbourhoods, businesses and not-for-profit communities to implement our vision for the future of Vancouver,” Robertson said in the news release.

      Toderian was fired in January 2012 after serving as planning director for six years. Robertson told reporters at the time that city council "felt this was a good time for change of leadership".



      oh for fuck sake!

      Jul 24, 2012 at 3:30pm

      Typical COV - conducts an 'international search' to fill what must be one of the most coveted planning jobs in the world, and with 108 applications, ends up hiring the general manager for planning and development out of Richmond !!?? But wait, he also has experience planning the Toronto waterfront in the 90's!! Yes, the same Toronto waterfront that is a national embarrassment - it is fucking AWFUL!

      Why can't this city ever take itself seriously - seriously!?


      Jul 24, 2012 at 4:25pm

      I would think managing "waterfront planning for the City of Toronto in the 1990s" would be deterrent for being hired as city planning manger.
      I would be very surprised to see if this move will bring "affordability, transit-oriented development, and community consultation", departing from Vision's usual developer-friendly, cyclist oriented (not transit), and their lack of community consultation (just look at the bike lane issues).


      Jul 25, 2012 at 5:33am

      I lived in Toronto during the waterfront development days. The federal government gave Toronto a piece of waterfront land to build a park. Our new planner (and a council not unlike Vision) turned it into this.

      Is anyone in Vancouver still naive enough to believe the viaducts or Langara golf course are destined to be parks?

      Let's just rename the Planning Department to the "Developer Facilitation Office"


      Jul 25, 2012 at 11:50am

      I too am a Toronto Refugee... The Waterfront?... Oh yah... unless you've got 'visions of Trump Towers dancing in your head' BE VERY AFRAID! ;) What Toronto Waterfront? I can't see it anymore because of the wall of condos blocking my view!

      lovely one gregor

      Jul 25, 2012 at 9:42pm

      A reject from Toronto with the worst and longest commuting times in Canada is here to save us with better transit? What the fuk-u doing Gregor?


      Jul 26, 2012 at 11:39pm

      This is the same Brian Jackson who has developed one of the most innovative, talented, loyal and productive (yes, productive) Planning Departments in the region. There is a good reason why some of COV;s best went to work with him.
      Why does this City love to trash its own?