Built in 1902 and closed in 2017, Cardero Grocery to be revived in Vancouver West End heritage project

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      A cherished establishment in the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver is coming back.

      Cardero Grocery could be ringing up the till again, thanks to a development project that includes  heritage restoration.

      The neighbourhood store closed on November 1, 2017 after the new owner of the building at 1078 Cardero Street did not renew the lease.

      The owner also bought the adjacent property at 1074 Cardero Street as part of one real-estate deal.

      Based on an item in the agenda Monday (July 13) of the Vancouver Heritage Commission, an application has been filed with the City of Vancouver retain and rehabilitate 1074-1078 Cardero Street.

      The grocery and the adjacent property known as the Fleming Residence are “on one lot at the corner of Cardero Street and Jepson-Young Lane”.

      Both buildings are listed in the Vancouver Heritage Register in the B category. This means that the site is a good example of a particular style or type.

      “The Cardero Grocery is a two-storey mixed-use building built in 1902 and the Fleming Residence is a two-storey residential building built in 1908,” the agenda item reads.

      “They are both valued for their Edwardian-era features, their role in the development of the West End, and their association with early businesswoman, Kate Fleming,” the item continues.

      The development proposal involves the “construction of an addition across the rear of both buildings”.

      “To accommodate this addition, both buildings would be moved closer to the front property line and the entry staircase for the Fleming Residence would be inset into the front porch,” the item reads.

      The development will include five rental units.

      The project will also involve the “continuation of a grocery store use at grade in the Cardero Grocery building”.

      “The heritage buildings will receive long-term protection through a Restoration Covenant that will both ensure the restoration strategy for both buildings and also require issuance of a Heritage Alterations Permit for any changes to the exterior,” the agenda item states.

      The application was filed by SHAPE Architecture.

      According to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, the wood-framed house at 1074 Cardero Street is a “good example of early West End housing”.

      “The house is a plain classical box with bay windows, a full front verandah, Tuscan columns and clapboard siding,” the foundation states on its website.

      “The house may have been built in 1910, and been one of two houses sitting on the same lot as shown by Goad’s 1912 fire insurance map,” the heritage organization notes. “In 1920, the occupant was Mrs. Kate Fleming, the widow of R. J. Fleming.”