Burnaby RCMP issue 10 COVID-19 violation fines in February for social, workplace, and quarantine violations

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      Although British Columbia been enduring the COVID-19 pandemic for almost a year, some individuals in Metro Vancouver continue to ignore B.C. health measures or are still denying the existence of the pandemic.

      When Burnaby RCMP released an update on its enforcement actions for the month of February today (March 4), they also provided some examples, which ranged from house parties to business employees not following health protocols.

      Excluding proactive checks on restaurants, lounges, and businesses, Burnaby officers responded to a total of 56 complaints and issued 10 violation tickets in February.

      In comparison, Burnaby RCMP responded to 58 complaints and issued two violation tickets in December, and officers responded to 52 complaints and issued three violation tickets in January.

      Quarantine violations

      When officers responded on February 1 to a complaint about a woman in the 6600 block of Brantford Avenue violating the Quarantine Act, she admitted to police that she had broken her quarantine on several occasions. Officers issued her a $750 fine.

      Workplace violations

      During a proactive check at a business in the 4000 block of Hastings Street on February 5, officers saw a man and a woman walking around the business without any facial coverings. Each of them received a $230 violation ticket.

      Then on February 10, RCMP received a complaint about a staff member who refused to wear a mask at a business in the 7500 block of Royal Oak Avenue. Officers, upon arrival, confirmed that the employee was working a common area of the business without any facial covering and issued the individual a $230 fine.

      Social gatherings

      Officers responded to a complaint on February 9 about guests at a residence in the 5400 block of Norfolk Street. At the location, police confirmed the individuals (who did not live at the home) knew they were violating health restrictions and had also previously visited the residence several times. Officers issued a $2,300 violation ticket to the homeowner for hosting the event.

      Another complaint about a house party was made about a residence in the 7600 block of Imperial Street on February 25. When officers arrived at the location, they found four people, who didn’t live at the home, playing cards without the homeowner present. It was the second time that police attended this location within three days. Officers issued four violation tickets of $230 each.

      Then on February 26, officers received a complaint about about people gathering at a home in the 6600 block of Willingdon Avenue. Police arrived at the location and spoke to everyone at the location, which included two individuals who did not live there. The homeowner told police that she didn’t believe that the pandemic was real. Officers issued her a $2,300 violation ticket for hosting the get-together in violation of provincial health orders.

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