Canucks forward Brock Boeser tears up when asked about his father's health

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      A video of Brock Boeser speaking about his dad's health has gone viral.

      In a news conference after the season ended, the Canucks forward was asked about "challenges on the home front".

      "Yeah, to say the least, it's really hard," Boeser replied.

      Then the reporter followed up by asking about specifically about his father Duke's health.

      Boeser's dad has Parkinson's and later suffered a brain injury in a car accident. Duke Boeser has also suffered from cancer.

      As Boeser teared up, defenceman Quinn Hughes piped up "next question".

      But Boeser decided to respond before breaking down.

      Not everyone was impressed with the reporter's inquiry. Derek Bedard, the general manager of the Ridge Meadows Flames junior hockey team, described the questioning in this forum as "completely offside".

      You can see the video below.