Canucks lose nine of their last 10 games, but hey, it's not as bad as the Bill LaForge–coached team

Travis Green remains behind the bench...for now

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      Travis Green is the longest-lasting head coach in the Pacific Division, but that may not be the case much longer if the Canucks don't start posting more victories.

      Tonight, the team fell 3-2 to the Boston Bruins, who came back from a 2-1 deficit.

      Longtime Canucks nemesis Brad Marchand scored the tying goal, set up David Pastrnak's game winner, and seemed to hit everyone in sight.

      That will no doubt rekindle questions about Green's future.

      After a recent loss to the Penguins, hockey analyst Elliotte Friedman suggested that Green could be on his way out. Friedman even declared in a column that "the organization is doing external research on potential candidates, both in the front office and behind the bench".

      One thing is clear—this team filled with young, supposed phenoms has gotten off to one of the team's worst starts in decades.

      The 1997-98 Canucks, with Mark Messier as their new captain, had only eight wins in 25 games by November 28

      This team has six wins in 22 games by the same date.

      The 1997-98 Canucks endured a 10-game losing streak in October and November.

      This team has only lost nine out of its last 10 games.

      The 1997-98 Canucks kept their coach, Tom Renney, for 19 games of his second season behind the bench before replacing him with Mike Keenan.

      This team continues to keep Travis Green. He's into his fifth season as the head coach. 

      Even though the Canucks are in last place in the Pacific Division, Green can take solace that this isn't the worst season opening in 40 years.

      In 1984-85, Bill LaForge coached the Canucks for only 20 games before being fired. Back then, the team had a nine-game losing streak early in the season. Under LaForge, the team only posted four wins.

      On November 29, the Canucks will play the Canadiens in Montreal.