City of Vancouver begins installing 12 kilometres of "slow streets" signs and barriers

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      Pedestrians, cyclists, people in wheelchairs and on scooters, and motorists are going to see something new along Wall, Lakewood, and Gladstone streets in Vancouver.

      That's because today, the city has begun installing 12 kilometres of "slow streets" signs and barriers, according to the city website.

      A report to council calls for up to 50 kilometres of slow streets being created across the city from May to July as part of stage one.

      In the second stage from July to September, staff plan to monitor outcomes and gather feedback from the public, as well as install "tactical traffic calming at key locations".

      In the third stage starting in September 2021, staff will gather data and feedback on how cycling and rolling has changed on these streets.

      Council hasn't formally approved these measures yet.

      That won't happen until the Tuesday (May 26) council meeting, where this issue is listed as "unfinished business" from the May 13 city finance and services meeting.

      But the city website says approximately 31 barriersĀ are being installed along Wall and Lakewood streets.

      This map on the city website shows where slow streets are being developed in Vancouver.
      City of Vancouver