City of Vancouver considers 50 percent fee discount for “green burial” at Mountain View Cemetery

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      Going green doesn’t have to stop at the end of one’s life.

      Even in death, a person can still be eco-friendly through sustainable funeral options.

      In Vancouver, city hall wants to encourage people to consider green options when it’s time for them to go.

      Because apparently everyone loves a good deal, a city staff report to council recommends a 50 percent fee discount for a “green burial” at Mountain View Cemetery.

      The report proposes reducing the cost for a single interment in a “sustainable lot” from this year’s $9,500 to $ 4,761.90 in 2022.

      “Interment within these areas requires no use of outer (typically) concrete burial containers, no embalming chemicals and only fully biodegradable caskets, containers or shrouds,” cemetery manager Glen Hodges wrote.

      Hodges added that Mountain View also “provides an option for those who are comfortable and agree to share their space with others”, an alternative that could become cheaper as well in 2022.

      If approved by council, this means that the cost of a single interment in a shared lot will go down from $12,500 in 2021 to $9,523.81 next year.

      “Reductions proposed in these specific offerings will provide for the least expensive burial option within the cemetery while still reflecting the economic costs of the land use relative to more traditional burial space,” Hodges wrote.

      The cemetery manager noted that this “further enhances the sustainability of ‘green burial’ allowing more effective use of existing and limited casket burial space within Metro Vancouver”.

      “The reduced fee is meant to encourage and invite more people to consider and choose this environmentally preferred option,” Hodges explained.

      As for other fees, Hodges recommended increases in 2022.

      Hodges’ report is included in the agenda Tuesday (October 19) of city council.