Comedian J-L Cauvin is back with a Trumpian address on protests, looting, and cheesecake

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      Donald Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin has gathered a large following during the pandemic.

      So when the U.S. president went into hiding as Americans spilled their collective outrage over another African American being killed by police, Cauvin decided to deliver his own address.

      Wearing his white Make America Great Again cap and white golf shirt, the New York–born comedian opined on everything from cheesecake to "Democrat cities in flames" to ANTIFA to Queen Latifah.

      Check it out below.

      Video: Donald Trump says he was golfing when he heard that numerous "Democrat cities" were in flames.


      A half-hour after the speech above was posted, Cauvin put out another commentary, this time from the bunker.

      The final couple of lines just might make you erupt in laughter.

      Video: Donald Trump speaks from the closet.