Computers stolen from Dorothy Lynas elementary school in North Vancouver

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      Thieves have made off with a number of computers from North Vancouver's Dorothy Lynas elementary school.

      Seven Mac laptops, along with power cords, were stolen overnight from the computer lab of the school in Deep Cove, according to North Vancouver RCMP.

      "The North Vancouver RCMP is actively investigating this theft and have added all the computers' serial numbers to the police stolen property list," RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Richard De Jong said in a news release today (Deceomber 11). "These computers may be sold for a fraction of their value. It is a criminal offence to either sell or be in possession of stolen property."

      Police say the thieves broke into the school library first, then gained entry to the computer lab.


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      Dec 11, 2012 at 6:38pm

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