Critic of COVID-19 distancing and George Floyd Memorial—Dan Dicks—out of jail after being arrested in Vancouver

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      Dan Dicks calls himself an investigative journalist and a documentary maker.

      But his antics haven't always impressed the big tech companies.

      One of his vaccination videos was pulled from YouTube. And in 2018, his Facebook page was unpublished "for misleading behaviour".

      In April, Dicks once again raised eyebrows by praising a small group of demonstrators who gathered outside Vancouver City Hall to protest COVID-19-induced lockdown orders.

      And he's upset some civil-rights activists by condemning a memorial for George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American who died last month at the hands of Minneapolis police. Dicks thinks that if people can show up for events honouring Floyd, others should be allowed to attend funerals of their loved ones.

      Tonight, Dicks was arrested at a large antiracism rally at Jack Poole Plaza after livestreaming the event for more than three hours.

      Some of those attending the demonstration didn't appreciate his being there.

      Before the evening ended, Dicks was out of jail and promising to provide revelations of what really happened.

      Today's rally was organized Jacob Callender-Prasad, 21, to counter racism in all forms.

      It attracted a young and diverse crowd of between 5,000 to 10,000 people.

      In advance of the rally, downtown shop owners, particularly along Alberni Street's luxury district, placed plywood over their windows.

      But that was unnecessary because this crowd was far more interested in conveying love and acceptance than going on a looting spree.

      Most people wore masks and many carried signs, including "Black Lives Matter", "No Justice, No Peace", and "Defund the Police", among other messages.

      Below, you can see some images from the event.