Dr. Bonnie Henry's sign-language interpreter plays air-guitar to convey meaning of "Bruce Springsteen"

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      I just saw something kinda funny on TV.

      I was watching Dr. Bonnie Henry's update on the COVID-19 pandemic, and a journalist offscreen asked her about the recent news that people who have been immunized with the AstraZeneca vaccine won't be allowed in to see Bruce Springsteen's Broadway show, Springsteen on Broadway.

      That's pretty hilarious in and of itself, but when the reporter mentioned The Boss by name, sign-language interpreter Nigel Howard quickly made the universal sign for air guitar. 

      Steve Newton

      Now, I don't know how many times Howard has had to interpret "Bruce Springsteen" for the deaf or hard of hearing, but speaking as a longtime rock critic, it looks to me like he might be playing the wrong chord.

      Whether he nailed that D chord from "Born to Run" or not, though, one thing is clear: that Nigel Howard rocks!