Drug busts: cannabis edibles in Halloween bag, three labs in Richmond, and fentanyl linked to Surrey overdoses

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      Police have conducted a series of drug busts, which involved cannabis edibles being found in a child’s Halloween bag, drugs linked to a series of fatal overdoses in Surrey, and three clandestine drug labs in Richmond.

      Cannabis edibles

      The Delta Police Department stated in a news release issued on November 23 that a parent reported finding cannabis edibles in their child’s Halloween bag. Although the parent warned other parents in the area, Delta police didn’t receive any other complaints.

      However, officers began an investigation to find the source of the candy.

      The investigation resulted in police using a search warrant at a residential home in North Delta on November 20. Officers discovered that the house was dedicated to cannabis production, extraction, packaging for street sale, and advertising.

      Officers seized thousands of cannabis edibles, and arrested two suspects—one male and one female.

      The site was dismantled and the DPD stated that they do not believe there is any risk to the public from the property.

      Police anticipate to recommend several charges, including distribution to minors, possession for the purpose of selling, and prohibited synthetic production.

      Surrey RCMP provided this photo of drugs seized on November 19.
      Surrey RCMP

      Surrey overdoses

      Surrey RCMP stated that around 2 p.m. on November 19, officers intercepted and arrested a 19-year-old male for possession for the purpose of trafficking in the area of 200 Street and 72nd Avenue in Langley.

      Police found and seized several doses of suspected blue and purple fentanyl, crystal meth, and crack cocaine, as well as other items consistent with drug trafficking.

      Investigators believe that the drugs seized are linked to recent overdoses and that the blue and purple fentanyl is lethal. Drug users are warned not to consume this drug.

      “The methods used to make these substances are unsophisticated,”acting proactive enforcement officer Sgt. Ryan Element stated in a news release. “The amateur ways in which these drugs are being manufactured makes these already dangerous drugs even more deadly.”

      On November 18, Surrey RCMP issued a warning that within a 12-hour period, they had responded to three separate sudden deaths believe to be caused by drug overdoses. None of the individuals appeared to be connected to each other.

      Richmond RCMP provided this photo of drugs sezied from three locations in Richmond on October 28.
      Richmond RCMP

      Richmond drug labs

      Richmond RCMP announced on November 18 that after an investigation that has been ongoing since March, officers used several search warrants at three locations suspected to be clandestine drug labs on October 28.

      Police arrested six individuals.

      At the three locations, police found and seized significant amounts of illicit street drugs, pill presses, and firearms, including:

      • 300,000 doses of suspected methamphetamine and 200 kilograms of extracted precursors;
      • 6,810 doses of suspected fentanyl;
      • 2,000 doses of illicit cannabis;
      • three pill presses collectively capable of manufacturing up to 30,000 pills an hour;
      • six firearms, including four carbine-style rifles, two handguns, high capacity magazines, and firearm suppressors.

      Investigators also recovered cash and high-end items suspected to be proceeds of crime.

      Richmond RCMP stated that the illegal manufacturing of illegal drugs involve precursors and processes that are volatile and explosive, making the property itself a fire hazard.

      In addition, the chemicals and waste materials are toxic and can contaminate the environment and pose serious public health risks.