Dutch man accused of cyberbullying teenager Amanda Todd extradited to Canada

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      A man who's already been convicted in the Netherlands in connection with online blackmail and fraud will be tried in B.C. in a high-profile cyberbullying case.

      Aydin Coban, who's in his early 40s, has been accused of extorting and criminally harassing a 15-year-old Port Coquitlam girl, Amanda Todd, in 2012.

      Todd took her own life after posting a harrowing video explaining what was happening to her.

      In 2017, Coban was sentenced to nearly 11 years in jail in the Netherlands for similar crimes against 34 victims.

      He was extradited to Canada late last year. Coban has denied that he cyberbullied Todd.

      He faces charges of extortion, criminal harassment, child luring, and child pornography in Canada.

      Since the teenager's death, her mother, Carol Todd, has become a high-profile antibullying and mental-health advocate.

      For anyone in distress, helpful resources include the Crisis Line (604-872-3311), postsecondary institution counselling departments, and family physicians or medical clinics. Those in distress can also visit a hospital emergency room.