Earthquake near Banff, Alberta, rumbles in Rocky Mountains

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      The Rockies have just been rocked by an earthquake near Banff, Alberta.

      An earthquake struck at 6:33 p.m. Calgary time (5:33 p.m. Vancouver time) today.

      Earthquake Canada recorded it as a 3.9-magnitude quake while the U.S. Geological Survey measured it as 4.4-magnitude. 

      At a depth of 17 kilometres (11 miles), the epicentre was located six kilometres (four miles) north of Banff, 21 kilometres (13 miles) northwest of Canmore, 105 kilometres (65 miles) west of Calgary, and 295 kilometres (183 miles) southwest of Edmonton.

      The Calgary Herald reported that a loud “boom” was heard and tremors were felt in Camore, Banff, and Deadman’s Flats.

      Earthquakes Canada stated that there haven't been any reports of damage and none are expected.

      Earthquakes Canada

      In other earthquake news from earlier today, a 7.1-magnitude undersea earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Japan's main island, east of Fukushima.

      Earlier this week, a 4.9-magnitude quake occurred in the Central Yukon region on February 10. 

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