Fighting with a neighbour or roommate? LandlordBC promotes quarantine conflict resolution service

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      LandlordBC is promoting a new service to help people deal with disputes arising from sheltering in place because of the pandemic.

      It’s aptly called the Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service or QCRS.

      QCRS is being piloted by the Mediate BC, a nonprofit funded by the provincial government and the Law Foundation.

      According to the nonprofit, the service provides mediation for conflicts arising from living in quarantine from COVID-19.

      These include family matters, including parent-teen and elder conflicts.

      But there are issues the service cannot touch.

      Mediate BC explains on its website that mediators “cannot help separating spouses to mediate a separation agreement”.

      QCRS can deal with disputes among roommates and housemates.

      Also covered are disagreements between landlords and tenants.

      Quarelling neighbours can also seek mediation.

      In a media release, Kimberley Coates of Landlord BC noted that there are “specific challenges for people sharing a living space”.

      Coates cites as one example roomates who previously worked opposite schedules are now spending more time together.

      “It is only natural that conflicts may arise,” Coates said.

      In the same media release, QCRS program manager Amanda Semenoff stated that COVID-19 is “leading to so many different kinds of conflict in housing situations”.

      “Noise, heavy use of common wifi, anything that was a minor issue when people were in and out of their homes for much of the day is suddenly a much bigger deal,” Semenoff said.

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