Former NPA president Tung Chan disapproves of NPA mayoral candidate Fred Harding

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      Tung Chan has been one of B.C.'s most influential Chinese Canadians.

      In his previous roles as a Vancouver city councillor, district vice president for TD Bank, and CEO of the social-services agency SUCCESS, he's been a pillar of the community.

      Chan is also a former president of the Vancouver NPA and an Order of B.C. recipient. And he's not happy about the party's choice of Fred Harding as its mayoral candidate.

      "As a former President of NPA, I am extremely disappointed to see this once proud civic party had to go to the bottom of the barrel to find such a woefully unqualified person as their mayoral candidate," Chan tweeted. "I wonder why my former colleaques would still stick with this party."

      Harding, a former West Vancouver police officer, is married to a Chinese singer and has lived in Beijing. He also speaks some Mandarin.

      But clearly these are not sufficient credentials to become mayor in the eyes of Chan, who himself has been courted to run for mayor in the past.

      Chan's Twitter slam against Harding came 13 days after he endorsed Ken Sim, who heads the ticket for ABC Vancouver.