Forum Research poll suggests Kennedy Stewart's reelection chances may be in jeopardy

The TEAM for a Livable Vancouver–financed survey shows a tight race with Ken Sim in the lead

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      With less than two months before voting day in Vancouver, the mayoral race appears to be still up for grabs.

      A new poll by Forum Research has put ABC Vancouver's Ken Sim in the lead with 18.7 percent support.

      In second place is the incumbent, Forward Together's Kennedy Stewart, at 15.6 percent. He defeated Sim by fewer than 1,000 votes in the 2018 mayoral election.

      TEAM for a Livable Vancouver financed the poll. Its mayoral candidate, Coun. Colleen Hardwick, is in third place at 15.1 percent.

      The poll put Progress Vancouver's Mark Marissen far back at 3.4 percent, lagging behind former NPA mayoral candidate John Coupar at 7.5 percent. Coupar, a veteran park commissioner, withdrew from the race earlier this month.

      According to Forum Research, 34.1 percent "didn't know" which mayoral candidate they support.

      The results came from the company polling 358 voters across Vancouver in late July by interactive voice-response random calling. It's deemed to be accurate within a margin of 5.2 percent, according to a TEAM for a Livable Vancouver news release.

      The poll shows Hardwick as the top first and second choice with 29.3 percent, followed by Sim at 29 percent. Stewart is only the first and second choice of 20.3 percent of respondents, whereas Marissen lagged behind at 14.9 percent as the first and second choice.

      Fifty-six percent of respondents expressed opposition to the Broadway Plan, which council recently passed. This planning policy document proposes to create new housing to add 50,000 new residents over 30 years over an area bounded by Vine Street, Clark Drive, and 16th and 1st avenues.

      “The Broadway Plan, with high-rise concrete towers displacing low-rise rental and thousands of renters facing demovictions, is a game-changer in this election” TEAM for a Livable Vancouver candidate Bill Tieleman said in the news release. “Only TEAM and Colleen Hardwick fought the Broadway Plan all the way and voters opposed make up the majority of Vancouverites.”