Frustrated by inaction, four directors quit board of Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association

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      Four members of Vancouver’s oldest electoral organization have resigned from its board.

      Jane Frost, Corey Sue, Virginia Richards and Marie Rogers quit in frustration over the supposed lethargy in the board of the Non-Partisan Association.

      “This current NPA board lacks enthusiasm and energy to add their voices about the important issues under discussion in our community,” the four wrote in a letter to party president David Mawhinney.

      According to them, the board has been “silent” in the last number of months amid the “unprecedented upheaval” in the city.

      That was in apparent reference to changes going on because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      “It is beyond frustrating,” they stated in the letter dated July 24, 2020. “It is inexcusable. It renders the party irrelevant.”

      The four recalled that they recently tried to call for a board meeting to follow its last one four months ago.

      However, members of the board were “unresponsive and disinterested”.