Georgia Straight website blocked in China after column denounces President Xi Jinping

The censorship was revealed by, which monitors Internet censorship in the People's Republic of China

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      Chinese government censors don't want the public knowing what a newspaper editor in Vancouver thinks of their president.

      After I wrote a column describing Xi Jinping's presidency as a "disaster" and accusing him of cozying up to authoritarian thugs, was blocked in China.

      This was revealed by, which monitors online censorship in China.

      According to its FreeBrowser StartPage, it has "directed Chinese Internet users more than 13 million times to censored news stories about government corruption, politics, scandals and other 'sensitive' information".

      The column described Xi as the " true Trump of the East" after listing his many economic and diplomatic failures.

      It's not the first time that has been blocked in China.

      This also occurred after writer Trevor Carolan wrote an article in 2008 about China cozying up to the genocidal government of Sudan. Carolan quoted actor Mia Farrow, who urged an international boycott of the 2008 Beijing Games to help prevent innocent people from being slaughtered in Darfur.

      After that article appeared, a Georgia Straight contributor living in Beijing informed me that was unavailable to him.