Ghost Drops poised to disrupt the cannabis status quo

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      Perhaps the most iconic legacy cannabis brand in Canada, Ghost Drops is stepping up and bringing its notorious underground quality and identity to the legal market.

      The Toronto-based company will launch into the legal market with a national supply chain, delivering across the country its exclusive genetics catalogue from its network of partnerships with award-winning legacy geneticists and cultivators.

      One step towards that goal is the hiring of global cannabis expert Gene Bernaudo as and interim Chief Operating Officer. The former president and global head of cannabis for Ignite, brings to Ghost Drops a wealth of business experience establishing and growing cannabis brands in Canada.

      “The decision to make the move was easy,” he says. “I was attracted to Ghost Drops because of its authenticity, culture, quality and reputation in the cannabis community. When I was asked to take on the role of CEO, I knew this would be a brand that I could get behind and help propel to the forefront of the legal market. The story is real, the team is the best I have ever worked with, and I truly look forward to being part of this legacy.”

      Under Bernaudo, Ghost Drops looks to capitalize on the very essence of what the legal market has been trying to achieve since it came into existence in 2018: bringing legacy customers to the legal market on a large scale, while still delivering the quality and innovation those customers have come to expect. 

      It’s about being the best possible version of the company in this new incarnation, Bernaudo explains: “We’ve taken it upon our shoulders to convert legacy market consumers into legal market consumers.”

      It’s a pragmatic decision, he explains; the trick is learning from what worked in the company’s earlier incarnation and carrying it over to the other side.

      “Ghost Drops has been operational in the legacy market for about six years,” Bernaudo says. “During this time period we were able to capture valuable data in relation to consumer habits, demand, tastes and spending patterns. Analysing this data is perhaps the most important piece of what we have developed, as it has contributed to our product offerings and overall consumer experience. Data has had a huge impact on how the brand has developed over the course of these years and has proven to be an asset as we enter the legal market.”

      He’s also quick to reassure the company’s fanbase that while the market might be different, the brand isn’t going to change. 

      “Our history is what made us,” he says. “With over 20,000 Instagram followers, 80,000 website subscribers and a 78% returning customer rate, it’s easy to see how Ghost Drops has developed a cult-like following and become one of the most loved and respected cannabis brands in Canada. We know what our consumers want from us. We’re not going to change what makes us the best.”

      If anything, the brand might change the market.

      “Our passion and expertise drive us to keep innovating, pushing boundaries and disrupting the status quo. We aren’t just in this game,” Bernaudo says, “we’re changing the way it’s played.

      “Connoisseur consumers are willing and eager to invest in quality products they know and love. And by converting Ghost Drops’ database of loyal legacy customers, the legal market will become more informed, better educated and more diverse.” 

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