Ghost Drops teams up with Atlas Growers to take their cannabis global

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      It doesn’t matter if your allegiances lie in the Canadian cannabis underground, or if you’ve been a huge fan of legalization—either way you know the name Ghost Drops. Now one of the country’s most famous culture-jamming disruptors is about to make major moves on the global stage. has teamed up with Atlas Growers, an Alberta-based company with a deep history in the medical cannabis industry. Atlas will leverage its global contacts to help the brand reach new markets around the world: Europe, Australia, South America, the U.S.A., and Israel. 

      Expect much of the attention to spring from Ghost Drops’ unique packaging, which has been a trademark since the company’s beginnings. Other brands are happy selling product in generic-looking plastic containers. Not Ghost Drops.

      But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

      The first step of the distribution and licensing arrangement with Atlas Growers will be connecting with cannabis-loving Canadians in all parts of the country. Ghost Drops continues to place a premium on its grassroots in beautiful British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Atlas Growers’ long-standing relationships at home will help get the Ghost Drops name in front of Great White North cannabis aficionados who might be coming late to the game. Canada is a big country, and getting the word to all corners sometimes involves a helping hand from a trusted name. Major metropolitan British Columbia cities like Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna have long known of Ghost Drops. Smaller communities in B.C., not to mention elsewhere in Canada, will now get their chance to get their hands on the packaging and the product within.

      Some of the greatest success stories in the world have been all about strong partnerships. Think Meg and Jack White. Or Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Or Cheech and Chong. The reality that strong partnerships are a part of a good business strategy isn’t lost on either Ghost Drops or Atlas. “We believe the market has been waiting for a brand like to come in and shake things up,” says Atlas Growers president and CEO Sheldon Croome. 

      And while Canada is a huge part of that market, the aspirations of Ghost Drops and Atlas are most definitely global—as in next stop Europe, Australia, Israel, South America, and the United States. So get ready not just Barkerville, Cranbrook, and Sidney, British Columbia, but Berlin, Chicago, and Sydney, Australia.

      Being one of the most trusted names in cannabis aside, there’s a good reason Ghost Drops is going to prove itself a standout. As demonstrated by Canadian icons from Michael Bublé to k.d. lang, style is important. Ghost Drops most definitely gets that. The brand’s relentlessly eye-catching label-art work was a major calling card back in its legacy days. Going all-out on the visual front isn’t an option in the legal market, where marijuana growers have to follow guidelines before they are approved for display cases.  

      As a ground breaker Ghost Drops is stoked about the idea of continuing to blaze a new creative path. Forget the plastic packaging that dominates the Canadian cannabis industry, the company will pay tribute to its legacy days with funky, coloured glass containers. Not only is it eye-catching, the glass protects the product inside because it’s UV-protected.

      So what about what’s made Ghost Drops so iconic, namely the quality of the cannabis that it’s brought to Canadians for years? The commitment to the brand’s long-standing motto “no ghost left behind” remains strong, which is to say Ghost Drops is still committed to bringing legacy product to the legal-cannabis marketplace. 

      Atlas Growers will help the brand expand to the global scene. But the blue-ribbon Ghost Drops cannabis that aficionados have been embracing for years remains, thankfully, the same. 

      To learn more about Ghost Drops go online at  and on Instagram .