Gidimt’en Checkpoint stands in solidarity with Ukraine and all Ukrainian people

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      The Gidimt’en Checkpoint issued the following statement today:

      "We understand as Indigenous People what it feels like to be invaded and brutalized. We understand that this is a challenging time for the peoples of Ukraine and those that did not choose this war, but defend their sovereignty and livelihoods nonetheless. We see humanity and we respect the sovereignty of both Ukraine and the peoples defending their homelands. We also recognize that this is but one act of atrocity and war currently taking place in the world. We share our support and solidarity with all war-torn countries. There are Black, Indigenous and Peoples of Color that are victims of colonization and racism, even amidst the current battles who do not have access to the same escape-routes, resources and support as their peers.

      "We also recognize the complicity of so-called 'Canada' in the violence that is being waged. We condemn the promotion of extractive projects, such as the Coastal GasLink pipeline, in this unstable time. Capitalism should not take priority over the lives of innocent people. This is not the time to increase fossil fuel production, but a time to move towards clean energy. This is an opportunity to do things better, create the futures we want for our children, and create peace. Peace, according to the Black Alliance for Peace, is: 'the achievement, through popular struggle and self-defense, of a world liberated from militarism and nuclear proliferation, imperialism and unjust war, patriarchy, and white supremacy.'

      "We call on all people, and all levels of governments and organizations to take action towards peace. We need to be united in our fight against the murder of innocent people and the invasion of sovereign countries, and hold accountable industries that are profiting from this barbarity.

      "We are stronger together. As Dinï ze’ Na’moks John Ridsdale states, 'We, as Hereditary Chiefs, must stand together when unjust militarized actions occur to any humans on this earth.' "