Green candidate Adriane Carr will run for Vancouver city council

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      The Green Party of Vancouver is putting forward four candidates in this fall’s civic election.

      The party announced its lineup today (August 9) weeks after it rejected an offer to join an electoral alliance with the city’s ruling Vision Vancouver and the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

      Adriane Carr, deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada, will run as candidate for council.

      Incumbent park commissioner Stuart Mackinnon will go for another term at the park board.

      Louise Boutin, who is active in the arts, environmental advocacy, and her local neighbourhood as board member of the Kensington Community Centre Association, is eyeing a seat at school board.

      Scott Andrews, who started his activism with Oxfam Canada and has volunteered with the Wilderness Committee, will go for Electoral District A, which has one member on the board of Metro Vancouver.

      “We are thrilled with the calibre of individuals who have shown interest in running as Green candidates in the municipal election,” Drina Read, chairperson of the Green Party of Vancouver’s nominating committee said in a news release. “We are confident that the candidates we are recommending will be very popular with the voters in Vancouver this November.”

      The party will hold its nomination meeting on September 12 where the candidacies of the four will be affirmed by members.


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      Aug 9, 2011 at 3:19pm

      Talk about vote splitting - we already have a council that is committed to bike lanes while the province builds the gateway project, and Adrienne Carr has mused on an alliance with the NPA, who themselves lost the last election because they were opposed progressive social policy as well as green initiatives. What I want to see is Vision recognizing that their social platform ought to address the squeeze on working people. This city is so difficult to live in because of rising prices, especially rent, as well as in every other area, and it is only affordable to the elites. Someone needs to address this, and represent the majority of voters.

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      James G

      Aug 9, 2011 at 3:23pm

      All of the machinations of the Green Party and it's attempt to work deals with both Vision and the NPA have been down to this. They will consider any available path to having their most prominent member finally get elected to something. It isn't about differences with Vision or commitment to the environment. It is about using a city council position as a consolation prize for a federal election candidate. Amazingly, who sits on Vancouver City Council does matter and municipal issues do need attending to. Runner up or also ran in federal or provincial politics does not entitle one to be acclaimed to any position. What must be earned should be earned and I doubt Ms. Carr will be able to convince many that her candidacy is in any way for the good and welfare of our fine City.

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      Aug 9, 2011 at 3:25pm

      I have met and talked to Carr on several occasions over the years, and found her to be the embodiment of what people don't like about politicians - grasping, lose with the truth, and especially, insincere. Believe me, I really wanted to like her, but she makes it very difficult.

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      james green

      Aug 9, 2011 at 6:07pm

      Instead of criticizing candidates, get their platforms and ask questions and get educated about them. Vote splitting is not a reason to not support Ms. Carr. If vote splitting gets rid of Vision/Cope and the NPA, good stuff. Support her or not on what she says she will work for and what she will do to make this city a better place for all.
      As far as comments like Kennyboy's, I do not have to like politicians but I need to be assured they will work for the people not big money that supports them. By the way, Vision and Cope (by Cope's association with Vision) and the NPA are developer financed.
      If you really take your citizenship seriously, have some guts and run for office yourself and get out of the armchair.
      As far as Gregor is concerned his Green program is smoke and mirrors - bike lanes on 2 or 3 streets, some plug ins for cars, chicken culture, some gardening bylaws and a garden at city hall, a non starter loans program to refit homes and not mush more. His Greenest City sham is not unlike the NPA cause marketing sham called Ecodensity there to help developers build and make greater profits...
      Bloody well wake up and smell the green tea.
      After nearly 3 years in office he has actually accomplished very little and planned a lot. And now at the end of his term he has submitted has plan to make us the Greenest City with no financial plan behind it.
      Just because the mayor has hung his hat on Green and marketed it well does not make his actually programs the best we can do.
      So, welcome Ms Carr to a new group of Vancouverites who can replace the tired and played insiders from Vision/Cope and the NPA.
      Oh and let's see your platform.

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      Steve McKinstry

      Aug 9, 2011 at 11:37pm

      Adriane Carr will say anything to get elected. She's a failed politician -- she's run and LOST seven times. Does she want to be a City Councillor, an MP, or an MLA? It doesn't matter... she craves power.

      Time to retire from... running for office.

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      Save Vancouver

      Aug 11, 2011 at 7:18am

      Hopefully Carr will knock one of the low hanging fruit off the rotten Vision tree (Jang or Deal should be worried).

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      Drina Read

      Aug 11, 2011 at 12:56pm

      Adriane Carr has devoted her life to tirelessly promoting democracy and protecting the environment and social programs. In 1983 when she and other environmental and social activists formed North America's first Green Party right here in BC, she was offering voters a true alternative to the same-old, same-old. Isn't it about time we had someone like that representing us in City Hall? My answer is a resounding "yes!".

      In my community of Vancouver's West End, many citizens feel that their rights have been trampled on by our current regime and their developer friends. We need at least one voice in our city government who will listen to residents and promote their interests. Adriane Carr should be that voice.

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      Freddie Heartline

      Aug 23, 2011 at 9:45pm

      @ Drina Read

      What West-End residents feel that our city council or mayor have trampled their rights?
      And why do they feel this way?

      I'm a West-End resident and i don't feel my rights have been trampled at all. I love what these people are doing at city hall.

      Please help me understand?

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      James G

      Aug 27, 2011 at 8:26pm

      @Freddie Heartline
      I cannot speak for Ms. Read and in fact do not agree with much of her post but if you actually doubt that the only citizens betrayed by Vision are here in the East Side, try this link:

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