Growing number of signatures on petition calling for Surrey mayor Doug McCallum to pay his own legal bills

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      By the the morning of December 16, nearly 5,000 people have attached their names to an online petition concerning the mayor of Surrey.

      It's calling on Doug McCallum, rather than city taxpayers, to pay his own legal bills after he was charged with public mischief.

      "When the alleged incident occurred, Mr. McCallum was on personal business, which he clearly stated during media interviews," the petition states.

      Moreover, the petition notes that McCallum was shopping for groceries when the alleged incident occurred.

      McCallum claimed that he was verbally assaulted and that a car drove over his foot, which led him to file a police report. This came on the same day that he confronted people collecting names on a petition in the parking lot to keep the RCMP in Surrey.

      "He could have simply walked on by and done his shopping and left the citizens alone doing what they had a right to do," the petition states.