Gurpreet Singh: Delta printer and designer makes free posters to support farmers in India

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      As car rallies and demonstrations continue across B.C. in solidarity with an agitation going on in the world’s so-called largest democracy, Delta resident Vipin Kapoor has also taken time out from his busiest period of the year to contribute to the cause. 

      With a small, home-based printing and designing business, Kapoor's most hectic time is in December. That's when he is normally making new-year greeting cards and calendars for his customers.  

      However, this has not stopped him from creating free posters to show his support for farmers from Punjab camping outside the national capital of India.  

      Thousands are protesting near New Delhi to press the right-wing Hindu nationalist government to scrap controversial bills that threaten their livelihood. Police mistreatment of farmers, including seniors, has sparked an international outrage. So much so, right-wing media outlets have labelled these activists as seditious and separatists.  

      A series of protests have taken place in Canada and more are being planned this week. For example, a rally by the B.C. Federation of Labour is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday (December 22) near the Surrey-Delta border close to Scott Road and Nordel Way. 

      Although Punjab farmers are predominantly Sikhs, Kapoor is a practising Hindu who has decided to make and distribute free posters to protesters.  

      He told the Straight that he sees his own parents among the agitating farmers and hopes that good sense prevails upon the government of India to agree to meet their just demands.  

      Despite being born and brought up in urban Punjab, he strongly believes that farmers have contributed to the development and progress of Indian society. Since he has many friends in the farming community, he understands this reality.  

      “Everything we consume—you name it, from food to the sweater we are wearing—is produced by the hardworking farmers.”  

      Describing the peasants as “Anndata (bread giver)”, he said that he decided not to charge money for the posters when people began approaching him for printing signs and placards. “I feel sorry for those farmers who are protesting in the open under extremely cold weather conditions of northern India.”  

      If anyone needs a free poster, he can be reached at 604-561-2967.