Half of poll respondents of Chinese ancestry faced insults or name-calling due to COVID-19 outbreak

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      The Angus Reid Institute has revealed a stunning degree of racism being directed against Canadians of Chinese heritage.

      Of 516 people surveyed online, 50 percent stated that they've been called names or insulted directly because of the spread of COVID-19.

      The poll also indicated that 43 percent had been threatened or intimidated, whereas 30 percent stated that they've frequently been exposed to racist graffiti or messaging on social-media channels.

      "Six-in-ten (61%) say they have adjusted their routines in order to avoid run-ins or otherwise unpleasant encounters since the COVID-19 outbreak began," the pollster stated.

      More than half expressed worry that kids of Asian ancestry are going to be bullied as a result of COVID-19 when they return to classrooms.

      The poll is considered accurate with a plus or minus margin of 4.3 percent, 19 times out of 20. It was conducted in partnership with the University of Alberta. The complete poll results are available here.

      The #WashTheHate campaign is trying to turn the tide against racism directed at people of Asian ancestry.