Heat warning issued for Yukon and part of northern British Columbia

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      Just because you live in northern Canada doesn't mean you'll avoid very hot weather.

      Today, Environment Canada issued heat warnings for several areas of the Yukon, including the capital city of Whitehorse, and for the Watson Lake area of northern British Columbia.

      Temperatures are expected to reach 28° C during the next two days, with overnight lows falling to 13° C.

      Shade yourself with an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat," the national weather forecaster recommends. "When it's hot eat cool, light meals. Keep your house cool. Block the sun by closing curtains or blinds."

      This isn't the first heat wave in the north this year. A month ago, it experienced another blast of hot weather, with Fort Providence in the Northwest Territories recording the highest temperature in Canada.

      This map of the Yukon shows where the heat wave will be felt most intensely.

      "Canada is warming faster than the world as a whole—at more than twice the global rate—and the Canadian Arctic is warming at about three times the global rate," Natural Resources Canada states on its website. "Due to this rapid warming, sea-ice deterioration and changes in permafrost are expected to put communities and infrastructure in the North at risk."