Herbiture helps cannabis enthusiasts create an upscale smoking experience

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      Gone are the days of using apple bongs and flimsy blunts—it’s time to discover a more refined way to consume cannabis. Thankfully, online cannabis accessories boutique offers a selection of products that will ensure every smoking experience feels sophisticated and upscale.

      While there are numerous virtual and in-person stores that carry cannabis accessories, the majority of products are cheap and won’t last more than a few sessions. Not to mention, the pipes are often pickle-shaped and rolling trays are covered with the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants.

      Instead, those who take pride in their style and health opt for cannabis accessories that are sleek and well-designed. High-functioning professionals would never be caught using a Pokéball grinder.

      “Herbiture is the next step in the natural progression of the industry,” Herbiture founder Troy Jungwirth shares. “It’s going towards higher-end, higher-quality products—more lifestyle-based. The boutique was designed for people who use cannabis as a gateway to good health, great food, and memorable time spent with friends and family.”

      On its website, you’ll find plenty of items that will help you prepare, consume, and store your cannabis. The , , and are among a few of the must-have products that your collection is missing.

      It’s also important to stow and transport your cannabis in a bag or container that will keep it fresh without emitting a strong odour. There is nothing discreet about a lingering, pungent aroma following you around. The is smell-proof, water resistant, and features a custom protective lining so the goods stay safe.

      The online boutique also has a selection of stylish —think T-shirts, crewnecks, and hats—for stylish and proud cannabis enthusiasts.

      Herbiture believes that an expensive red wine should never be enjoyed from a paper cup, as it will taste much better when sipped from a fancy glass. The same goes for cannabis: the accessories that you use to store, prepare, and smoke can drastically elevate the experience.

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