Homeless people living in camper vans and cars defy City of Vancouver order to break up camp by May 26

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      The City of Vancouver has ordered homeless people living in camper vans and cars along Slocan Street and East 12th Avenue to leave.

      Red Braid Alliance, formerly the Alliance Against Displacement, stated in a media release that the small community of about 12 individuals has been told to break their camp by May 26.

      The organization said Tuesday (May 18) that the East Vancouver area near the Lowe’s home improvement store has been home to the campers for about two years.

      The media release indicated that the homeless individuals aren’t willing to go unless they are offered housing.

      “Although the pandemic and housing crisis continue to rage on, the city has offered no alternative to Slocan vehicle-dwellers except to disappear into the streets, where large RVs have to be moved every three hours and overnight parking is prohibited virtually everywhere,” Red Braid Alliance stated.

      “When one resident asked the delivering bylaw officer where they were supposed to go, the officer replied flatly, ‘Find some private land to park on’,” the release continued.

      The so-called Slocan RV-City residents are calling for the “construction of permanent social housing at welfare and pension rates”. [RV stands for recreational vehicles or camper vans.]

      They also want to see an “end to the enforcement of bylaws that punish people who live in vehicles”.

      “Some want to live indoors but can't afford market housing and don't want to live in supportive housing or SROs, where residents are surveilled and their tenant rights trampled on by non-profit service providers,” Red Braid Alliance said.

      Also, “The government should be building quality housing so that everyone has the option of living inside and nobody is displaced for turning down indoor shelter that isn't appropriate for them.”